Aspen is wonderful city, but we have a few problems too. Under the surface of this gorgeous place is some genuine suffering. And we are ready to focus our attention on the kind of city we want to live in. So, we acknowledge our issues and choose to be the change we want to see in Aspen, and throughout the world, actually.




statement of opportunity

We are Aspen: We are abundant in natural resources, human intellect, collective creativity and global influence. We are a community and we believe together we can improve wellbeing and be a leader and model for other communities to do the same.

We intend to be stewards of The Aspen Idea and continually redefine this concept for future generations so that it is relevant and valuable. The Aspen Idea was coined in the late 1940’ s to express the essence of this beautiful, inspiring landscape and the town that goes with it. Walter Paepcke, an early founder of Aspen stated, "Aspen is a place where the human spirit can flourish."

As a highly educated, affluent, and thoughtful community, it is our duty to strive for the best standard of living possible for our citizens. According to Blue Zones research, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and other experts, 80% of a person’s lifespan and health is determined by lifestyle choices and environmental factors. According to the Danish Twins study, only 20% is genetic. That means our health is in our hands

Many communities with high wellbeing are achieving this status by choosing to intentionally cultivate and embrace a clear culture of wellbeing, where high wellbeing options become the easy and natural choice for their citizens. A culture in which leaders in business, government, education, healthcare, faith, and the arts act on the philosophy that fostering and improving wellbeing for their citizens is how we do things around here. In this way, our communities can lead the charge for wellbeing improvement and make a meaningful impact at the national level.
— Gallup